The Sauce was originally created by David Packman in Byron Bay over 12 years ago. 

Now based in Melbourne, the practice is founded on the understanding that some of the most effective ways to influence health, wellbeing and performance are via our thoughts, our emotions and the environment in which we live. 


David is a mindset coach and meditation teacher. He works with people from all walks of life including senior executives, professional athletes, those managing chronic illness and many others. His goal is to help maximise performance, reduce stress and simply create a healthy life balance. 

By learning to understand the true nature of their hearts and minds, improving resilience and coherence, and optimising personal environment, David is helping people find a greater depth of experience and enjoyment in life, enabling them to perform at their best. 

As well as offering individual sessions, David holds regular 'heartfulness' courses and group meditations. He is also available for corporate engagements, conferences and wellness retreats. David  works from various locations including Victoria Avenue Wellbeing in Albert Park and Madam Heap in Middle Park . Home visits and online sessions can also be arranged.