'Warrior Within' Men's Meditation Series

"Meditation is a practice that is useful for men from all walks of life. Centuries ago, warrior classes across many different cultures used meditation to instil a clear mind and a courageous heart. The Samurai are perhaps the most famous, meditating upon death on a daily basis so they could fight without fear." 

David is hosting a second series of meditation classes for men - "The Warrior Within" - at Madam Heap School of Mindful Living in Middle Park. The classes run from 7pm-8pm every Wednesday from April 26 until May 31, 2017. 

As well as discussions around the nature of masculinity, the classes include guided warrior meditations on energy, connection, purpose, acceptance and more.

The underlying concepts of "The Warrior Within" series have been covered by the Meditation Association of Australia, The Good Men Project and The Mighty.

"Hidden in Plain Sight" - Finding Your Warrior Within

No prior experience with meditation is necessary. Series cost is $150 per person.